Three Feet, Please?!
0 comment Sunday, October 12, 2014 |
Me: Riding to DU in the bike lane on Franklin, just south of Wash Park.
Them: Driving a white Subaru in the car lane on Franklin, just south of Wash Park.
Me: approaching cruiser biker going slowly in bike lane, ring bell, pass biker STILL in bike lane.
Them: Buzz me.
Me: Haul ass to the red light on Buchtell (it's funny because I always curse having to wait at this forever-red light; tonight I was grateful).
Them: Window rolled down on passenger side (brilliant), man driving, woman passengering.
Me: "Excuse me," in a pleasant voice albeit panting, "but would you mind giving me three feet when you pass?"
Them: Woman looks confused and inquisitive, man seems irritated. Does not appear to have gun.
Me: "Just three feet, you nearly hit me with your side mirror."
Him: "Bah (as in humbug), you just stay in your bike lane" [grunts]. Drives off.
Me: Still riding next to him, through the intersection, "Thanks, all of us bikers, in our bike lanes appreciate it." [smiles]