Old Man Conundrum
0 comment Sunday, October 12, 2014 |
When someone almost runs me over, I will yell at them, I will chastise them, I may even mildly threaten them (although I'd never actually follow through with my threats). Today was a notable exception. I was riding on Pearl, just off of Colfax, when a Geo Metro pulled out of a driveway and nearly plowed me over. If I was riding just a little bit slower he would have went straight into me. I looked at the driver and saw that he was at least 90, could barely see over the wheel, and had an oxygen tank attached to him. How could I verbally attack this old man? Not wanting to give him a heart attack, I just kept going on my way. Perhaps he shouldn't have been on the road at all, but I won't touch that issue with a ten foot pole...