Tuesday Mornin' Wheelin'
0 comment Saturday, October 11, 2014 |
I had to go up to DU to print out some school papers early this morning, super nice out. I think it might be the very end of Winter, all the puddles I went through were still mostly liquid, even at 2 AM.
I've been going on little sleep (again!) for too long, so my old friend caffeine is helping me through once more. I recently discovered a new product at the local 7-Eleven, Monster Energy Coffee drinks. I give this product an 8 out of 10, the taste is a little peculiar with all the taurine and guarana mixed in with coffee, but man does it do the trick. Don't believe me, try one yourself, there's even a free coupon here so you can sample this delight risk free.
I'm backlogged on my blog entries, so I'll try and catch up with all my photos and commuting developments. Teaser: I had a lock cut! Stay tuned for the shocking conclusion.