The ongoing red light debate
0 comment Sunday, October 5, 2014 |
Nick Nunns and I were riding east on a pretty deserted 16th Avenue from downtown yesterday, taking our time. I was riding in the traffic lane and he was in the bike lane during the stretches where there was no snow in the bike lane. We stopped at the red light at 16th and Washington, then both started to go through the intersection since no one was coming up Pearl. I glanced back over my shoulder to see who was driving the car behind us, then stopped before I went through the intersection, because the car was a police cruiser.
Nick was already halfway through the intersection when I said, "Hey, there's a cop," and he just kind of said, "Shit," and rode through the intersection, stopping on the other side. The officer hit his lights and accelerated through the red light. Well, I thought, Nick's getting a ticket.
Nope. The officer sped past him, stopped briefly at Clarkson, and went left down Clarkson. I'm not sure what to think of that.

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