Maynard Update
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I got an update from Tamar by email this morning on Maynard:
Hi Will,
This is Tamar. Maynard crashed in deep sand under an overpass on the Cherry Creek bike path, near Quebec, Monday late morning. He was in the sand before he could see it, and also had just fixed a flat tire so the tire wasn't pumped up as well as it could have been with a floor pump. The sand washed up from the storm last Friday night. He crashed on some rocks which we think is what fractured his femur. It's his left leg. They (ortho surgeons at Denver Health) put a titanium alloy rod and two screws in the bone Monday night. He's been mostly resting since the surgery but the physical therapists got him to stand up yesterday - big accomplishment! He may be transferred to the VA rehab center to start regular physical therapy in the next day or two, we're not sure. He can't put weight on the left leg for 8 weeks. His spirits are pretty good considering, and he's already hatching plans for getting a stationary trainer for his bicycle for when he can swing a leg over the saddle. People are visiting and calling him. Feel free to do either.
I also spoke to Maynard briefly last night, and he's doing well, all told.
It seems my last posts were strangely related, I did remark on the city worker cleaning up all the sand on the path, but I guess they hadn't made it up to Quebec yet. I know the underpass, and I'll probably forever fear it now, those are some chunky rocks down there.
If you want to send any get well wishes, address them to:
Maynard Hershon
c/o Salvagetti's Bicycle Workshop
1234 Speer Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204
They will make sure they get to Maynard or Tamar.
Or check out Maynard's blog:

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