My quest for an RTD pass
0 comment Saturday, October 4, 2014 |
Yesterday morning I realized I went the whole weekend without realizing that I needed to get a new monthly pass for the light rail. When I got to the 10th and Osage station, I selected my round-trip pass to get me through the day, and put in the only cash I had on hand - a twenty dollar bill.
Now excuse me for a moment while I nerd out for a moment:
RTD Machine + Dollar20(paper) -> RTD Pass + Dollar12(coin)
(you chemistry dorks will get it)
So, not wanting another ten pounds of currency to lug around, I made it my mission to get a monthly pass last night. My first idea was to stop at Market Street Station and use their handy monthly pass vending machines I had noticed on my last stop there. When I got there however, I was presented with BOTH of the machines being out of order*. To cheer myself up I go to REI and pick up some camping gear for RAGBRAI.
I ride back to Cap Hill to go to King Sooper's in the hopes that they'll have one. last time I went to a Sooper's they were all sold out, so I didn't exactly have high hopes. I get there to find out that they put the passes in the safe after 7 PM. Sweet. The customer service guy tells me they'll be back out at 7 AM.
7 AM roll around and I roll out for work and stop at Sooper's again, and luckily am able pick up my pass.
Could they have seriously made it any more difficult? Maybe put some Minotaurs outside of Market Street to guard the doors?
* Why they can't have these bloody machines at ALL the stations will forever befuddle me