He's got my back
0 comment Saturday, October 4, 2014 |
Tonight I rode home from Capitol Hill through Cheesman Park. As I approached Cheesman on 12th, there was a car a block and a half behind me. Figuring I had lots of space, I signaled and moved to the left half of my lane, preparing for my upcoming turn. Homeboy in the car behind me clearly did not appreciate this gesture and gunned his engine, caught up to me and quickly passed me in the lane of oncoming traffic (yes, only to stop abruptly at the stop sign twenty yards ahead). As he did this, there was another car turning left onto 12th from the park who did not like homeboy's actions. He slammed on his horn for a good ten seconds. I think the message was clear - "I've got her back buddy, don't mess with a biker!" Or, perhaps he was bitter that homeboy was in his lane but I'd like to think his beep was his way of indicating that we all knew which person here was being the asshole... and it wasn't the biker.