Road Rage in Denver - Brian's Story
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I went on the Salvagetti's breakfast ride this Sunday, and Brian, one of the regulars, told me an incredibly brutal story of what happened to him about 6 weeks ago when a driver flipped out on him. Here it is in Brian's own words:
On Thursday night July 24th, 2008 Michelle and I were out on a bike ride to meet up with friends at a bookstore/café on Hampden and Sherman. We left from our home in Washington Park and most of the ride we traveled down S. Pearl from I-25 South towards our destination at Hampden and Sherman. When we got to Harvard Gulch, we cut back over to S. Logan Street and continued on from there. There were lots of cars parked on the Southbound side of Logan and it is one lane in each direction.
As we neared the intersection for Hampden and S. Logan, at the top of the hill, we were passed by a very angry driver in a small white souped-up Subaru with fancy wheels and tires and a loud muffler. As he accelerated around us, he must have been doing 45 to 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. He honked and yelled at us. As luck would have it he was immediately caught in traffic at a red light and we traveled down the hill passing him.
As I passed I flipped him the bird and said "smooth move asshole." He yelled, "do you want to talk about it" as he accelerated through the now green light at Hampden and cut in front of me on E. Jefferson, pulling over and immediately jumping out of his car and running up to me. I remained standing on my bike. He continued to scream and yell for a few minutes. I let him vent and only engaged him minimally. Finally, I just decided I had taken enough abuse. As I started to ride away I repeated his license plate number over and over. He said "What are you doing?" and I said, "Memorizing your plate asshole, so I can report you for road rage." He jumped out of his car screaming "NOBODY calls me an asshole!"
My wife screamed as he started chasing me down, and I slowed up, not wanting to leave her there with him. He tackled me while I was still clipped into my pedals. He had his car keys between his fingers. He got in a few good shots, before I got on top of him. Several witnesses came running up. I said "call the cops." My wife road to the bookstore, only about � block away now, and got the owner to call the police. The cops got there in about 3 minutes. The cops took witness statements first, then handcuffed him and put him in the car. I pressed charges and he was charged with assault. Fire trucks and paramedics were called because of the blood from the lacerations on my face, the one�s he made with his keys.

Brian after the attack.
I guess I will see him in court in September 3rd, 2008 in Englewood.
I will only say this, Bryan is a big guy, and has taken a punch or two in his time, and given some back. If he had not shown admirable restraint after being attacked from behind, his attacker would have certainly paid a visit to the hospital prior to his visit to jail. Way to go Brian. If I could decide it for you right now, you'd own his damn suped-up Subaru, I hear they handle nicely with filled ski racks on top and snow tires.

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