The Longest Running Thursday Dinner Ride of its type In The Rocky
Mountain Region
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Rode my newest rig, '89 Trek 520 with cyclocross tires, in to work on account of the icy patches and unknowns of the Cherry Creek Bike Path. Most of the ice is gone from the path now after yesterday's sun, just had to watch out in the shadows of tall buildings.
Dinner Ride was well attended, Nick, Nick, Brendan, Josh, Jewlya and I went to eat Indian food. Before the ride, I switched bikes at home to my fixed gear on account of the decent road conditions (I'm looking for a word for this bike... Farvegnugen is to driving as BLANK is to cycling... that's what this bike has... je ne se qua). We found a big sheet of ice in the parking lot of the restaurant that no one dared ride across, walking over it was hard enough without going ass-over-teakettle.
After dinner we decided to rip around Wash Park, we made it around once. After that, no one could feel fingers, supposed to drop to 17 tonight. As far as I know, everyone made it home without any wipe-outs. SUCCESS!

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