Another Year of Bike Commuting
0 comment Tuesday, October 7, 2014 |
Though we're already well into 2009, it is time to liven up the blog. As you may have noticed, after a year of frequent posts, things have slowed down a bit. Like any team after a hard season of cycling, there is a high level of fatigue, and no sign of when we will return to peak form. Taking a page from the Astana book after the 2007 Tour de France, the solution is clear, recruit fresh cyclists. While I can say very definitively that doping was not a factor in this decision, and that no bike commuters will be sacked, we will be adding more contributors to this here bike blog. If you, dear reader, are interested in becoming a contributor, please write up a post, a summary of your bike commuting credentials, and send it over to
I'm also going to add a few folks from our nation's capital, so don't let the limits of geography crush your dreams of becoming a bike blogger. I will say no to all foreigners, however, especially Northern Europeans. I don't care that your bicycling life is perfect, and we don't want to read about your trouble of having to return to the bakery because they gave you the long baguette when you ordered the wide one. Like any good story, we need conflict, and right now, America is full of bicycle related conflict, and not just the Shimano v. Campagnolo kind.
If you've got what it takes, we want to hear about your commuting experiences.