Unseasonal Warmth
0 comment Tuesday, September 16, 2014 |
DC has been cooking lately. We've had a bout of near record temps for April, and the past three days have had highs of 86, 89, and 88, officially. While not crazy hot, it's crazy hot for April, and it feels like we only got two weeks of spring before summer showed up in all its humid glory.
This presents a new-ish dilemma. Last year, as a search-marketing professional, I could show up to work in Denver's famous "business casual on the off chance I might go hiking after work" style most days. Denver's summer mornings are also relatively cool, leaving the sweaty part of the commute for after work only. Now I dress for DC business, which means at the very least a dress shirt and dress pants, usually a tie, and often a suit. Combine this with humidity and sunshine, and it gets pretty sticky. I think the best solution is to appropriate the closet near my office as the home for at least one of my suits (my sport coat lives there now), and change when I get to work.
I still can't bring myself to spandex up in the morning to go to work, so it's going to be T-shirt and jeans in and out of the office, but class it up for the work day. Of course, this means leaving a few minutes earlier so I have time to change at work. That could be the downfall of this whole enterprise, since I am a chronic procrastinator, and prone to sleeping through alarms.
Another observation, this is the first year I've used an over the shoulder sling bag as opposed to a backpack, and I often show up to work with a wet spot diagonal across my chest from where I sweat through a shirt or two against the strap. Better to do this with a thick T-shirt than a thin dress shirt.
I think this next week will be the decisive one for my new system. Hopefully, my coworkers won't mind when I appear to be living out of my office with a whole wardrobe in the closet. But hey, we all do what we have to do to get by.