Blue Sky Rainstorm
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I was riding home from work yesterday at about 6:30, when I noticed it was raining on me. Not hard, but a consistent sprinkling of large drops. This was strange because the sky was totally blue from my perspective in the depression of the Cherry Creek path. All the other riders were looking upwards as well trying to figure out where the hell the rain was coming from. I got off at 12th and Speer, and this was what I discovered:

That's where the rain came from, as best I can guess, three miles away to the Northeast of downtown. It wasn't windy either, so my only explanation is that high stratospheric winds blasted the rain around a few miles until it reached our cloudless area of town.
All in all, our weather has been nice of late, but the thing about Colorado is it's always predictably wacky and unpredictable.
Later that night I was riding back from drinks with my fellow grad students (a bit tipsy) when I saw my old friend, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron, fishing next to one of the rapids on the creek. He was being pretty mellow and didn't fly away when I shined my headlight towards him in a futile attempt to take a photograph in total darkness with my camera phone. It's nice to see all our animal friends out of hibernation and playing in the creek this time of year.

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