Third Party Report: Brendan, Nick and Will Are Bad For Surly Bikes
0 comment Wednesday, September 10, 2014 |
Or at least that is what it seems like. Here's what I know from chat/email exchanges with Nick N. and Brendan:
Brendan: crashed into a car in an alley behind work on his Cross Check, apparently unharmed, but having buckled his downtube and putting large dents into the car.
Nick: got crashed into by a car and took a ride on the hood for a few feet before the lady driving decided to stop, also apparently unharmed. I don't know what happened to his bike, but conspicuously, it is a Karate Monkey.
Both incidents occurred on the same day, and taken together with my recent crash, I think we are blowing through mere anecdote, and now represent a growing epidemic.
I'll let Nick and Brendan describe the incidents in more depth (seriously, post something already).
This is in no way a slight on Surly bikes, which are quite popular among urban cyclists, and I have found to be quite utilitarian.

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