Best Day to Ride in Cheeseman Park - Ever
0 comment Wednesday, September 10, 2014 |
I saw this sign as I entered Cheeseman Park today:

I should have gotten more photos of all the people out there. It was like Washington Park Jr., minus all the bikes and good looking people. Myself included.
Of course, after I left the park, I noticed this sign:

Apparently "Auto Free Day" means bikes as well. I thought it weird that the City of Denver would want to keep bikes out of a park. If anything, an Auto Free Day entices MORE people to bike in Cheeseman. Anyway, check Cheeseman out. It's like the park took a shower. So refreshing.
And actually, I once heard that the City of Denver is considering closing Cheeseman off to autos all together at some point. Not sure if it's true, so don't quote me, but holy smokes, if today's an indicator, it would be awesome (as long as bikes are not still allowed!).