0 comment Thursday, September 11, 2014 |
Here's a quick blast of things since I don't feel like making an elaborate post:
  • I bought bagels for my team this morning. My favorite comments were "you brought these on your bike?" and "These are even more appreciated because you brought them on your bike!"

  • After picking up the bagels I was stopped at the light at 11th and Cherokee and a couple of girls yelled out their window "OW OW! NICE BUTT!" I'm pretty sure I have a decent butt so I'm going to choose to treat it as a true comment and notstraight up mockery
  • The Longest Running Thursday Night Dinner Ride(...) stopped at the The Shoppe once again last night. It was demanded that we get photographic evidence of Will being extremely masculine, eating some extremely masculine (read: diminutive. Also delicious) cupcakes. Here is said evidence:

    There's pretty much nothing as great as Indian food, cupcakes, and bike riding.
  • Due to a cracked bottom bracket cup on my fixed gear, and also due to forecasts of rain throughout the week, I've been riding my touring bike a lot lately. As it turns out, gears and a freewheel are pretty awesome.
    n.b. no animals were harmed in the events of this post.