The things I carry
0 comment Monday, September 1, 2014 |
The things you carry can tell about you: where you are going, where you have been, and how ridiculously big your bag may be. I've received enough questions to realize the later is true for me. Here's what I carry in my bag on the typical day to work:
1.) Copy of Denver traffic regulations, appendix 4 that pertains to bicycles
2.) Wallet
3.) Hair goop
4.) U-lock
5.) Check book (not that I write checks, I whip it out just to mess with proprietors)
6.) iPod accessories (headphones, power cord)
7.) iPod
8.) Lunch
9.) Mini bike pump
10.) Tubes (mountain and road)
11.) Tools (chain tool, spoke tool, cresent wrench, full set of hex wrenches, tire levers, #15 wrench, pedal wrench, patch kit, chainring bolt wrench, multi-tool
12.) Lights (front and rear)
13.) Clothes for work
14.) Camera
15.) Cell phone
16.) Random stuff (USB drive, cell charger, chapstick, visine, gum)
17.) Bag: Chrome "No, I'm not a messenger" Kremlin
This typical load still leaves a lot of space in my bag, which is nice - because I sometimes carry a laptop, boxes of marketing materials, extra winter clothes, and severed heads (oops).