Hurry up and wait
0 comment Monday, September 1, 2014 |
Sam's Intersection Debacle posting reminded me about last night when a driver in a Jeep Grand Cherokee followed behind me for a few blocks before becoming fed up at my slower speed. They tried to pass me just as we were both approaching a stop sign. As they passed me, I was preparing to get cut off, thinking they would swerve back into my lane, slam on the breaks and stop. But instead, she treated the road as if it we were on a one-way, coming to a complete stop in the lane next to me (facing the wrong direction). I guess it worked because no one was coming or turning into our path, but seriously?
The irony is that I actually had to obey the law and stop at the stop sign because I was making a left turn and didn't want her to run me over as she accelerated out of her illegal stop in the opposing lane. In hindsight, it's a little concerning being on a bike breaking traffic laws when traffic itself is breaking the law.