Running Stop Signs at 16th and Franklin
0 comment Sunday, August 31, 2014 |
Today marks the second day in a row that I've seen a car run the intersection of 16th avenue and Franklin Street. This is the intersection from the drivers' point of view who have run it:

There aren't too many obstructions blocking the view of the signs. I guess maybe it's just a bad spot mentally for drivers for some odd reason. Or it's just coincidence. But I can say that I have seen this stop sign blown by cars three other times in the past couple years. That's four more times than any other intersection I bike through on a regular basis.
I thought it'd be interesting to see if others out there know of particularly hairy intersections where they see cars run stop signs regularly. After that, we can discuss the intersections where we've seen bikes blow through stop signs. I suspect that conversation will be a little longer.