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Of all the stoplights in Denver, I feel like I get caught at a particular one way more than any other: The light at 16th Avenue and Clarkson, which seems to last a lot longer than all the other lights on 16th Avenue. I usually sit in the bike lane and pick at my fingernails and wait for the light to turn, pondering why I have taken it upon myself to stop at all red lights, and what I think it's accomplishing.
Today, about 11:50 a.m., I was heading east on 16th Avenue, to work, and I came upon this situation. Police cars were blocking 16th a block away from the intersection in either direction, but I asked the officer if I could ride through and he said yes.

I don't know what the hell happened here, but one of these automobiles obviously entered the intersection at 16th and Clarkson when their light was red, and hit the other one. I talked to the guy who was driving the red pickup, and he seemed to think his light was green. Whatever went down, the Honda Element flipped, and landed directly in the bike lane, smashing the hood of the parked car.

The scary thing? Look at this photo and you can see a vacated bicycle. The guy driving the pickup told me the cyclist went to the hospital with a "pretty bad" leg injury. I'd say the guy would be lucky to get out of it with just a leg injury. Holy shit.
A guy talking to the pickup driver, when I asked them about the cyclist's condition, asked, "Was he wearing a helmet?" Wow. I'm all for helmets, but I think this situation calls for something more like an ability to dodge flying cars. Like some Matrix-type stuff.

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