It's amazing how little it takes
0 comment Saturday, August 30, 2014 |
What kept you from riding your bike today? If your answer was, "It's too cold out" - well, I have news for you.
You'd be amazed that you already have the necessary gear it takes to ride in the moderate cold - and how non-technical your gear needs to be. I was reminded of this today when talking to a co-worker. He didn't ride today because he didn't have any cold weather riding gear. I said, "Bologna".
Here's what you need:
* a sweatshirt (a hoodie gets you extra style points)
* a lightweight, somewhat wind resistant jacket (yes, your Members Only one will do)
* gloves
* thick socks
When times get tough - you might want to add a beanie that covers your ears under your helmet, a scarf, and two pairs of thick socks.
If you are mentally keeping track - you should have discovered this is the same stuff that you wore to the Broncos game this weekend.