Stranded Vacationers
0 comment Monday, September 8, 2014 |
Today I helped some lost vacationers who were biking through the city find their way and I also learned something about our bike paths. I met the couple at 15th and Platte in front of the Vitamin Cottage. Thankfully they stopped and asked me for directions because they were planning on going in the exact opposite direct of their destination - this is because there really isn't any marking at the bike paths indicating where you're going. Their goal was to take the bike path along Speer to 12th and go up into Capitol Hill. I told them how to do this and they went along their way. After doing my shopping at Vitamin Cottage I hopped on the bike path and eventually came across the same couple looking at a map - this was past the ramp to 12th. How did they miss the ramp? It's not marked. There isn't a single sign at the ramp (at least I didn't notice one), indicating where it would take you. I never noticed this before because I know where all the ramps will take me and I've never had to look for a sign. This really made me think about how friendly our bike paths are to out-of-towners, especially considering the fact that we'll have a whole lot of them here for the DNC (and I really do hope that at least a few of them ride a bike while they're here).