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I have noticed that helmets, though an integral part of my biking experience, are often excluded from the posts/discussions on this blog. Yesterday, in order to get my daily adrenaline fix, I cruised up Downing from Speer to 12th instead of my normal Williams route home through Capitol Hill/Congress park. A dude flew past me - no helmet, iPod and gigantic calves. I was actually on my way home from Social Psychology (I'm studying to be a clinical psychologist) and this got me thinking.
  • Why do some of us wear helmets?
  • Why do some of us not wear helmets?
  • Why do some of us wear helmets some of the time?
  • Why do some parents force/encourage/coerce their kids into wearing helmets but then go without themselves?
  • Why does it seem like helmets are on the brink of "cool" especially in snowboarding and such.
  • I am curious to hear readers responses to these questions.
    NO, I won't try and analyze you but YES, I am inquisitive and hopeful that folks will holler their thoughts on this one.