Jeff Crew
0 comment Thursday, September 18, 2014 |
Mixed feelings on my Bike Commute
So far it has been five weeks since I started commuting part-time on my road bike the 21 round-trip miles between home and work. There are a few negatives to my endeavor: getting up early, the ride home, those cars, and commuter�s backpack. The riding to work and back home has the up side too: getting up early, the exercise, and the almost lack of traffic.
Yes, that almost lack of traffic � sitting in my car doing my regular commute up I-25 to work I got to thinking about bike commuting versus car commuting. So here goes my thoughts -- cycling to work there are a few cars to deal with and a few fellow commuters to pass on the road. I can speed up or slow down to my heart�s content or as my endurance goes. My car is happily sitting and banking that gas I�m not using for this commute.
On the other hand for the car commuting there is the "not having to get up nearly as early", the getting onto I-25 on a metered ramp, and the finding a spot in the "flow" of 20+ other cars at that moment. All of us car commuters slowly driving along in parallel, frustrated at the traffic and not being able to move along to our destination.
Then it all summarizes in my head: "You know that traffic on the bike path wasn�t all that bad, and I wish I was on my bike right now!"
When I park my car at work and get out I look back at my bike sitting in the back seat and I say "Tomorrow, you and me for another round of our gas-free commute into work!"