Fresh Tracks
0 comment Thursday, September 18, 2014 |
I finally got to test my theory that skinny tires with knobs (cyclocross tires) are better in snow than mountain bike tires. This Saturday night past, Brendan hosted a Die Hard Christmas party at his house, about 4 miles away from mine, and it was snowing. When I left there was about an inch on the ground, not really a big deal since any tires will still make contact with the pavement in those conditions. My return trip was a different story, another 2 - 3 inches fell while we were enjoying Detective John McClane's wit and puppy chow, a true test of cross tires on a winter bike.

The bike rides great in powder, I tried accelerating as fast as I could on both powder and on hard pack, and I couldn't get the tires to slip. Nearing my house, I found a long stretch of 4 inch deep powder and couldn't resist getting first tracks on it. I made it home easily, I was going as fast or faster than the cars (they were having an awful time of it, and I saw a few slip and slide around on the road without much control).
This morning was a little more sketchy, with more ice patches mixed into hard pack, but still never felt out of control, much different than last year when I thought I'd be fine riding a fixed gear with slicks on it. Keep riding, it's cheaper than skiing, and just as exciting!