My Bike to Work Day experience
0 comment Wednesday, September 17, 2014 |
Having had a couple of days to stew on my experiences of Bike to Work Day, I will say with absolute certainty that it was a fantastic event. I only stopped at Salvagetti's stop on the bike path, but that's because it was a block away from my everyday route (Also because they are awesome). The number of people that were riding on the bike path was astounding! My estimate is that 90% of people had a great big shit-eating grin on their face, which is exactly how commuting should be.
The officials of Denver are claiming that an estimated 30,000 people participated in BTWD. 27,000 smiles is a pretty fantastic thing.
I welcome all the newbies: the folks who haven't ridden a bike in over a decade, the people who pull their bike out and dust it off for maybe three massive events every year, and every single wobbler that can't ride a straight line (yet!). If the folks who commute by bike year round don't accept the neophytes into our fold, how else will we increase awareness and acceptance of commuting by bike? BTWD should be our opportunity to convince those on the fence that this is an acceptable lifestyle. I want every day to be Bike to Work Day.

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