Dinner Ride to Morrison - Night Ride!
0 comment Saturday, September 13, 2014 |
This weekend (Saturday night to be exact) a few of us bloggers logged our longest dinner ride yet. The "Longest Running Bicycle Dinner Ride in the Rocky Mountain Region (of its kind)" has been pretty much non-existent lately - but we brought it back for one night only to celebrate the arrival of Nick's buddy Tommy (from Chicago) and Will's brief return to Denver.
Oh yeah, we brought the best sounding, jerry-rigged stereo ever to be bungeed to a bike rack.

Nick and Josh, headlamps are a must!

The trail was dark and mysterious....

Steph, Brendan and Will taking a break at a scenic bridge.

We ate at the Morrison Inn. The food was great.

Final group shot shortly before arriving back in Denver at 1am.