Another Week, Another Hammerfest, Another Outrage
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First, a little business regarding an ongoing commuting nuisance and blog topic; the Wynkoop street Death-Curb has been retro-fitted:

Real nice guys, I'm going to make sure the USGBC takes a point off your LEED score for how you mangled our perfectly good curb.
Josh and I crushed it this past Sunday morning on a ride starting in downtown, up to Deer Creek and the aptly named "High Grade Road" by way of Chatfield, then up to Conifer, down to Evergreen, Morrison, and then back down the Bear Creek trail. After all the climbing, we forgot to take a picture until we got to this valve at Bear Creek:

What does this have to do with anything? Well first off, that beard is no longer attached to Josh's face, and I wanted to scoop everybody else on it. Second, when we were riding from Wadsworth up to the hills, two DougCo Sheriffs were driving the other way blaring "RIDE SINGLE FILE!" at all the cyclists. Now, Josh and I were staggered, but weren't riding the paint on this shoulderless road, so we got blared at too. But considering the road was clear for the mile behind us that we could see, and that we moved over for anyone who wanted to pass, I think this was just stupid on behalf of the Sheriffs, and if I read my Colorado laws correctly, I don't think we were actually violating any laws at that particular moment.
Which leads me to another outrageous incident on roads I used to ride often. Mandeville Canyon (I used to have an avocado connection about 2/3rds the way up) is similar to many of the mountain roads just outside of Denver in that it winds up about a thousand feet, and is a challenging ride. Unfortunately it also has a lot of very entitled people living at the top of it. I hope they lock this guy up, doctor or no, he nearly killed those two guys because he was having a bad day. I don't suppose the court would allow community justice of bike-chain whipping this horrible person.
I'm pleased that the LAPD is taking this as the serious felony it is. Cyclists have been making progress in asserting their rights, and the police are more likely now to side with cyclists in obvious road rage incidents instead of just calling them accidents (or it seems that way at least). Either way, stay on your toes, and don't let this happen to you.

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