Rain, Sunshine and the memories of Brendan
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So, I've been wondering if now that Brendan will have limited post-worthy news, if this blog will slowly deteriorate... turns out it's not going to be a slow demise but one that seems to have already taken hold.
I will post, without fancy google maps and without the wit we all love Brendan for, but with just some notes about commuting in the rain.
Yesterday it took me an extra seven minutes to get ready for my bike commute. My bag (which is HUGE) was stuffed with binders and brown bag lunch (no room for dry clothes) so I had to make sure that I would make it through the day in whatever I wore on my commute. With the rain/snow/sleet/groppel that was dropping from the sky rapidly, in large doses, I realized this was not going to be an easy task. Here are the supplements to my normal attire that I donned yesterday pre-commute:
Gore-tex gloves, with my rainjacket tucked neatly into their cuffs.
Ski goggles, with my spectacles underneath (this may have been to a fault as they were covered in precipitation long before I got to school making it quite difficult to see oncoming traffic).
Rain pants, with full leg zips making for an easy removal once at school (and I felt a bit like an exotic dancer, without all the glamor).
Plastic baggies inside my bike shoes (this was the BEST addition as my feet were totally dry upon my arrival!)
A plastic bag tucked inside my coat pocked (which I was sure to zip up lest we allow snow to enter my dry layers through an open pocket) for covering my bike seat once at school.
Once at school it took me another five minutes to undress and I took up two chairs laying out all of my wet layers so that they might dry before my ride home a mere four hours later.
After about 1 hour of sitting in class watching mother nature pummel my bike with her wetness I decided to take a stand and bring my vehicle inside the classroom, set neatly directly behind the professor's podium. Best bike parking to date.
So, I guess the moral of the story is that rain or sun, sleet or hail, if you have the right equipment and the right mentality there's no need to ever give up on the bike commute...

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