Worst Possible Conditions Descend Upon Denver
0 comment Saturday, August 2, 2014 |
I think officially it's called a "wintery mix", meaning some sort of cold rain or ice mixed with snow. Earlier today little pebbles of ice were falling on me, but then it turned into 33 degree rain, not anything fun to ride in, and just enough to soak the road. Before much of it could evaporate, the temp dropped below freezing, creating an icy sheen on just about every surface. Basically, unless you have metal tacks in your tires, you won't have any traction. A little bit of snow should fall later, maybe that will help, or at least make for a softer landing when you slide across the road.
*Update -The kind souls from Denver public works sprayed de-icer later in the evening, and it took the sheen off the major roads, so as long as you stayed off the sidewalks, you were OK.

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