Don't let the ice get you down.
0 comment Saturday, August 2, 2014 |
A big thanks to Sara for getting me out on my bike yesterday. We met for drinks at Dougherty's Irish Pub on Broadway and Ellsworth. Super great little place with some killer food.
I thought the roads were a little too icy to ride, but decided that if she was riding, I'd better buck up. I think that whole "letting a girl beat me" thing had something to do with it.
I hadn't ridden in ten days. It felt GOOD to get back on the saddle. I rocked down 13th Ave, which I normally stay away from seeing as cars rip by doing 40mph, but it wasn't bad being a holiday and all. And to my surprise, a snowplow must have actually touched 12th at some point, because on the way back to my house the roads were great. Cheeseman park was even cleared.
I headed into downtown on 16th this morning for work. It could use some major help in places, especially the bike lane. Most of the routes requires bikers stay in the wagon wheel snow-tracks of cars.
I think the ride home is going to be me heading east up 12th and letting the warm weather take care of what the city can't finish on 16th.