Notes on a joyride
0 comment Saturday, August 2, 2014 |
I had a great time riding around doing errands today in the lovely 38-degree heat. I took a little joyride around and ended up with about 15 miles at the end. Some notes:
-I pulled up to a stoplight next to a motorized wheelchair that was taking the lane on 12th Avenue at Clarkson. I felt like I should say something, or nod. We think we have it bad when the weather turns crappy, but wheelchair users have it way worse. Check out the sidewalk ramps sometime after a storm and you'll see what I'm talking about.
-The Cherry Creek bike path still has some snowy/icy spots between Colfax and Confluence Park, some about 100 feet long. It was melting pretty good today, but that probably means it will turn to ice overnight.
-The detour off the Cherry Creek path between 14th and 11th is the iciest/snowiest stretch of bikeable concrete in the city right now, because the sidewalk that comprises most of the detour sits in the shadow of several buildings and gets no sun. I almost went down twice.
-Out of about 10 cyclists I saw today on the bike paths and on a quick spin through Washington Park (I nodded at every one of them), two guys actually smiled at me. Like "right on, man" smiles. Both were in full-on roadie gear (I was in jeans). Hooray, winter camaraderie.