Bike Commuting Gone Wild - Freewheelin' Day 1
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Today was the first day of Freewheelin', our week long bike sharing pilot program for Denver during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), and man, it's bananas downtown. On my last visit to the "command center", I overheard that 1500 trips were taken on those bikes today, so I'm calling it a success. But hey, that's going to be in the news anyways, I expect that you, dear reader, want to hear the fine details that always seem to be left out of the official press.
So let me start with our Mayor, who was honored with a custom built Spot Brand 3-speed belt drive mountain bike to ride in yesterday's ride:

Well guess who's riding it today!

I normally don't rock the conventioneer's outfit when riding, but hey, it was an interesting day.
Here's one more from my living room:

It's not everyday that I have bike-porn in my own home.
Nick, Josh, Brendan, and a host of other volunteers are crushing the recycling project, and by that, I mean they're hauling a lot of trash. Here's Brendan track standing on his Main Street Pedi-truck:

About two minutes later, coming up Arapahoe, we saw some guys parked in the bike lane:

When you are dressed like that, I'm not going to give you a hard time about it:

Earlier in the day, I was at the 14th & Stout station, and my friend Jen Nordhem, notable Denver bike messenger...

...showed up to get the story for her blog, Cycle Jerks. I got a great shot of Jen with Nate Kvamme, who is a VP at Humana, and Jason, who is a technology guy at Trek, here's bikes bringing people together:

Nate promised Jen that 7 of those kiosks, and 70 bikes would be arriving in Denver in the next year. Pretty rad stuff.
One of the big stories is that someone checked out a Freewheelin' bike and got himself a ticket by riding the wrong way down 16th Street Mall (which you can't ride on any day but Sunday). Should set him back about seventy bucks.
All in all, a good start to our little project. Hope you all get a chance to try it out if you are local.