Sharing the bike lane
0 comment Wednesday, August 13, 2014 |
Sometimes I take a little detour on my ride home from work, east on 12th Avenue to almost Colorado Boulevard and then back west on 7th Avenue. Seventh is a great street to bike on -- smooth, long bike lane, not too many stoplights, not too much traffic -- but a lot of people like to jog on it as well. Not on the sidewalk, in the bike lane. I understand this, and have even done it a couple times. Asphalt is way better for your joints than concrete, I hear. No big deal.
Today, I was heading west on 7th, in the bike lane, keeping up with an old Toyota Tercel pretty well. The car was actually a few feet behind me. A lady pushing one of those jogging strollers is coming at me, in the bike lane. She also has a baby strapped to her chest. There's enough room for her to move over to her left, out of the bike lane, but she doesn't.
I'm about 100 feet away, and the Tercel is on my back left. I'm going maybe 20, downhill. She moves a little to the left, still completely in the bike lane. Then I'm 60 feet away. A little more to the left, lady? Please? Am I really playing chicken with a lady who has a baby strapped to her chest and another one in a stroller? I'm definitely going to back off this one if it comes to that. I guess I can hit the brakes and pull in behind the Tercel, in the traffic lane, if I have to.
Finally, she moves over, making sure to keep the right wheel of the stroller well into the bike lane, but enough room for me to get by without getting hit by the Tercel's side mirror.
I'm not sure what was going on here, but maybe that kid in the stroller was being a real brat and she was going to teach him a lesson.