Different Interpretations
0 comment Wednesday, August 13, 2014 |
This morning, Napi and I went for a nice morning ride to get him some exercise and me some time away from my computer and homework. He ran next to me as I pedaled through my neighborhood. We tend to ride in bike lanes (regardless of the typical lack of traffic in da 'hood) because we need that extra space to stay abreast. Just two bike lengths after passing the above sign, I heard a loud beep behind me. Who would beep at 7AM in a neighborhood at a rider and her cute-as-a-button dog on such a beautiful morning? I turned my head to see who felt the need to lay on the horn for such an extended duration and made eye-contact with the young woman flying past us in her rather large SUV. I smiled at her and as I went to stick out the ol' tongue she slammed on the noise-maker again. Based on my crude lip-reading skills, I deduced that she was cursing (at us?) as well. Now, one thing you should know about my rez-dog is that he associates horns with wildlife (much like Pavlov; I am a behaviorist) and tends to accelerate rapidly with excitement at the presentation of the conditioned stimulus. I decided to use this to my advantage (rather than reign him in) as there was a red light ahead and I hoped to catch up with my new friend at which point I would ask her how her day was going. Sadly, the light turned green before Napi and I made it up that hill and she left me in her exhaust. I guess we just had different interpretations of "sharing the road." But, I guess I'll never know.