Bike to Work Day
0 comment Tuesday, August 12, 2014 |
Today, I drove.
I had to drive, because I had to race to Boulder and back to DU with limited time. Also, I am terrified of bike to work day - there's a lot of scary folks out there on a day like today. Grannies brushing the dust off of their schwinns; out-of-shape businessmen, tucking in their pant leg and wobbling the whole way downtown; many, many individuals who get tune-ups the day before bike to work day and put the darn thing back in the garage at the end of the day, where it sits for a whole year. It's a jungle out there.
This morning, before the commute even began Nick and I heard at least four sirens. I have no doubt they were related, in some way, to bike to work day.
Tomorrow, I will resume biking to work.

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