Best yell, ever.
0 comment Tuesday, August 12, 2014 |
My award for the best cycling-related yell/cheer goes to Nick B. (As you read in a previous blog, I saw Nick B. riding last night near 18th and Park Ave West.) To understand why this was the best yell I've ever received, I must first lay out the scenerio:
Snow was everywhere. Every moment on the bike was a tight-rope performance - just trying to stay upright and hoping your forward momentum will carry you through all the snow/ice/slush obstacles. I was keeping up with traffic in the left lane when I saw one of the few cyclists braving the weather. To my surprise it was Nick.
"Keep rocking it baby!!!", exclaimed Nick.
Thanks Nick. That made my night, and inspired me to have my own awesome yell for someone in the future.