How much can happen in four blocks?
0 comment Monday, August 11, 2014 |
Had a pretty eventful ride home today on 16th Avenue.
16th and Emerson: I see a maroon Ford Ranger waiting at the stop sign, ready to cross 16th heading south on Emerson. I'm visible, but as I'm just about to cross Emerson, the driver accelerates across the street. I slam on the brakes, just about shit in my pants, and he stops about five feet from me. Before pedaling off, I stare at him. Then I look ahead, turn back and stare at him again, and he yells something at me.
16th and Marion: I see a car parked in the bike lane a block ahead. I stop, pull out an I Parked In A Bike Lane sticker and peel the backing off. As I start riding again, I see a car waiting to cross 16th north on Marion. The driver of another car, a dark green Subaru Forester, decides he can't wait in line, and starts to pull around to the right, coming to a rest right on top of the bike lane. I swing around him, sticker in hand, in the traffic lane.
I ride around the car parked in the bike lane, slap a sticker on the driver's side window at almost exactly the same moment the green Subaru (not pictured) passes me, and I ride the rest of the way to my house without incident.
Most days, I ride home on 12th Avenue, but some days I take 16th, because I think to myself "It has a bike lane -- less drama." I'm wondering if there's any truth to that at all. Anybody else have a preference?