My New Property
0 comment Monday, August 11, 2014 |
A couple of years ago, RTD was persuaded (by who, I don't know) to invest in downtown bike lockers. The deal is, you find an open one, get a special heavy duty lock from RTD for $20, and so long as your lock stays on any locker (I guess they say 6 months, but who's checking?), it's yours to use. I have been waiting and waiting for an open one at Union Station for months, and finally I saw one.

... and called the number to go through the normal channels about getting a lock, but it turns out this connects you to RTD lost and found, and there are no humans to talk to.
A second problem with the program as it's not run, once you have a locker, you never have to vacate it, even if it's empty. I watched this circle of lockers all winter, and not one of the 16 doors ever opened until I found this one. How do I know? Snow. There's always snow on the ground in the winter, and people make footprints, doors make imprints from opening, etc. Nary a one was opened all season. If anyone from RTD reads this, you'll be happy to know that at least one locker is being used by a bona fide bike commuter who works across the street from union station, so thanks.
The other thing, now that I have asserted these property rights, I don't intend to give them up... EVER! So next season, I may stash my snowboard equipment in there for days when I want to ride the ski train, and in twenty years, I may pass it on to my children. Having a locker downtown that is yours and secure is pretty sweet. But I still think the system sucks, it's just that now I'm on the winning end of it.
If anyone from RTD wants to contact me about a better way to do secure bike parking, I can be reached through this blog.