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Yeah I know, I'm a horrible blogger. It's a problem affecting millions of people around the world. My commute is down to such a routine that I've memorized the rhythm of the light changes.
I now present to you - the bullet point generation - a list of bullet points:

  • I built a bike for a pretty rad lady. The lady is named Angie and the bike is named Hot Dog Stand. More pics can be found here. This was my first complete build of a geared bike. I guarantee that you will never understand the subtleties and workings of a bike until you build one from scratch.

  • The Bannock Street Criterium was last weekend. Some of those pro dudes are hells of fast. Their bikes make really expensive noises.

  • I'm converting my mountain bike from a singler to a 9-speed. *Cue mockery from single-speed crowd* I am no masher, so I will spin my way up some hills from here on in.

  • I FINALLY got my car titled in the great state of Colorado - two years after moving here. Now it's just a matter of getting the burnt-out tail light replaced and creating a craigslist post. I will get this done eventually.

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