Pretty rad time in Olde Town Arvada
0 comment Tuesday, August 26, 2014 |
On Saturday morning, Nicky B. assembled a merry band of cold-weather bad-asses to embark on a ride to Olde Town Arvada by way of the Clear Creek Trail. Temperature at start time: 19
Our goal in mind (besides getting some quality miles/time in with friends): to visit the Arvada Army Navy Surplus (5701 Old Wadsworth) and eat some pizza at the much-anticipated and much-discussed D-note.

Nick and Emily on the nearly deserted Clear Creek Trail.

Brendan watches a "mini Robbie" as he ... uh....looks for his keys behind that tree.

Just a couple "Roadies" outside the Army Surplus in Arvada.

At the D note, after the group took down two large pizzas, an appetizer, and 6 beers before noon. From left to right: Brendan, Emily, Robbie and Nick.