Indeed, sir.
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I left Leela at 7:00 tonight, rode through the alley between Champa and Stout from 15th Street to 17th Street, and started heading southeast on 17th Street, with the intentions of taking Broadway one block to 16th Avenue and then home. 17th was fairly clean.
I was riding in the second-from-right turn lane on 17th where it meets Broadway (one of three lanes you can turn right onto Broadway from) , turned onto Broadway, which was pretty messy and sketchy, and a guy in a black Jeep Cherokee with a Tufts University sticker on the back passed me a little too close on the left. When he was just about past me, he honked. Of course, the very next light was red, so I pulled up to the driver's side window so we could discuss the issue.
Him: 4os, grey hair, talking on a nice cell phone. Warm, safe.
Me: Helmeted, bright orange rain jacket, jeans, gloves, on a mountain bike. Cold.
Him: Holds up hand to communicate "What the hell are you thinking?" Does not put cell phone down.
Me: Stares for half a second, then the light turns green.
Him: Hits the gas.

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