Twilight of Glory
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I've been in finals season it seems like for months, and yesterday I didn't get to fully enjoy daylight savings due to bike race equipment obligations (in fact I had to set up at 6 AM), and the crushing feeling of a project due the following day. Well I can happily say, the project got turned in, and with only two more finals to go, I can start enjoying our 7:00 Sunsets.
Tonight was such a night, at twilight I left from D.U. on my fixie, and for whatever reason, the traffic was super-mellow (you don't hear that much on this blog!). The temperature was a balmy 57 degrees all the way home, and to enjoy it fully, I sat up, hands off the bars and rode 80% of the seven miles home sitting up and relaxed, feeling the gentle sway and even cadence of my silent fixed gear and steering by inertia.
Even Speer was quiet, the normal honking traffic jam above the bike path was gone, replaced with just a light woosh now and then, and no diesel exhaust plumes.
I've only been sleeping four or five hours a night in the last few days, and drinking 40 plus oz. of coffee to stay functional. It was nice feeling quiet and relaxed for this evening's commute.

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