Damn cyclists, parading around with their pants all rolled up
0 comment Wednesday, August 27, 2014 |
So a guy in my office, who I think has previously mentioned he has a mountain bike, started chatting with me about fixies today. He had seen quite a few around Denver and was just curious what the deal was, etc. Pretty mellow conversation, until he says "with their little pant legs all rolled up." He audibly sneered at it, like it bothered him -- exactly the way old white guys talk about young black guys "with their pants hanging off their asses." I moved the conversation forward, explaining that you have to do something with your pants or they'll get dirty/torn/caught in your chain, so that's why people roll them up.
I know, we're in your way, we're too slow, some of us run red lights and stop signs and weave in and out of traffic, maybe some of us act like we're legally "entitled" to the road, the list goes on and on. I wasn't aware rolled-up pant legs were so offensive to the non-bicycling populace. Lycra, I can kind of understand that. But rolled-up pants? Further research is necessary before we take action on this.