Confessions of a Bike Commuter
0 comment Wednesday, August 27, 2014 |
Today, I drove to Boulder for a meeting. That was my first sin.
Then, because my meeting ran just a tad late (I pack my schedule IN), I had to race to my next meeting in The Golden Triangle of Denver. I refuse to drive downtown so I had to return my car to 12th and Josephine, grab my bike and go. My usual route takes me through Cheesman and down 12th. I knew I didn't have time for such red-light shenanigans so I hit up 13th (my second sin). Sitting outside of Lik's I often (yes, I frequent the establishment) watch riders fly down 13th narrowly escaping death on virtually every block. Today, pumped up on adrenaline, I flew down like a helmet-less hipster on a fixie.
My third sin was not wearing bike shorts beneath my skirt today. Let's just say that it would have been possible to cause a wreck based on the amount of sunlight reflecting off my pale upper thighs as the wind had its way with my skirt.
At Pearl, I hit my first red. I stopped, put my foot down, looked both ways and ran the red (fourth sin).
I reigned myself in and obeyed the rules nearly all the way to work where I sped things up by riding 1 block on a sidewalk, instead of circling around the building (final sin). I then quickly flew up stairs, and took my seat just as my meeting was to begin.
My meeting ended early (thankfully) giving me time to post my sins for which I may be chastised. I never went to church growing up but I think I could have benefited from that whole confessional thing. Sure does make you feel all better.