Bikes at Burning Man
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Burning Man has nothing to do with bike commuting in Denver, but I still think some people will find it interesting. If you don't know anything about Burning Man, it is a giant (50,000 people) art/music/craziness temporary city set up in the middle of the Nevada desert for one week a year. You really need a bike to get around Burning Man. An entire city, complete with streets and everything, is set up and then beyond the city there are miles of empty desert with giant art installations throughout.
The bike culture at Burning Man is fantastic. People are able to create the most creative bikes I have ever seen. Here are some examples:

It is impossible to take good pictures at night - this picture shows a giant three wheeled bike with wings that blows fire out of the top.

This contraption is based on two bikes along with other bike parts that run all of the parts. Everything from the dragon's articulated head, fire breathing mechanism and drivetrain is run on bike parts.

Another contraption that looks like a mix between a bicycle and a train.

The city even had a share-a-bike program similar to Denver's during the DNC - although no credit card or license was necessary. People were simply asked to never lock the bikes or leave them in their camps - if you are done with it just leave it in a visible place for someone else to ride. Here a random stranger poses with one of the neon green bikes.

A cool tall bike.
Burning Man has shown me that the possibilities of what can be done with bikes are endless. Not only are they perfect for getting around a city and/or a desert, but they can also become art.