Wow, where did this come from?
0 comment Saturday, August 16, 2014 |
Maybe it's like what Spike Lee said in the beginning of "Do the right thing" - and I finally WOKE UP.
I was parking the Centurion outside my favorite chain hair-cutting joint (Floyd's at 16th and Champa). Since the nearest bike parking hoop was being used - I pulled up to the nearest parking meter. I actually felt a little guilty locking up to a meter (not sure why - something about primary function and using the resources (albeit not many) provided for cyclists). Anyway, I digress.
As you see below, mounted on the parking meter pole was this little apparatus that makes parking your bike there easier. WHAT?!? Have I never noticed this before? Certainly, this little contraption was not new - but how could this be the first time I'd seen it? It's totally awesome because I had an incident a few weeks ago with a parking meter that left a huge nasty chip in my top tube. This thing prevents that because your down tube is held in place.
Hats off.