This wheel is made from recycled sledgehammers
0 comment Saturday, July 26, 2014 |
I had to ride down to DU for work today, and on the way there from my apartment, I kept looking down at my rear wheel, (on which I've replaced two spokes in the past two weeks) thinking, Wow, that thing is really wobbling. Not like the big wobbles you get when a spoke breaks on one side, but just small, frequent wobbles. Yeah, I thought, maybe I'll swing by Savage Eddie's and get a new wheel on my way back to work.
So I did. I got a new wheel, this Easton EA50SL that's definitely too nice for my mongrel blood (I don't know anything about wheels, but I can read the sticker on the side of this one). Brian put a new cassette on it, and Scott gave me a quick run-down on how to put new cables on my derailleur to fit the new cassette. I'm a bit nervous about trying it and not ruining my new $200 wheel.
But alas, what timing. Four blocks from Savage Eddie's, I'm cutting through the plaza at the art museum, new wheel strapped to my pack, and PING! Another spoke breaks on the old wheel. Now I have a real wobble. I just said the hell with it and walked my bike the rest of the way to my office.

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