Places to not cable lock your bike in Denver
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I pulled up to the Central Library yesterday afternoon and almost took a photo of all the bikes parked at the racks on the east side (front door). I thought it was pretty outstanding how many people rode to the library even as the temperature was dropping.
But I didn't take a photo, and when I came back out, I noticed this underneath where I parked my bike, right at the end of one of the racks. I assume it was pretty fresh, since the velcro strap that holds the cable together was still sitting on the ground a couple feet away.

Doesn't say a lot for the OnGuard cable lock snipped in half down there, or cable locks in general, and this was a pretty fat one -- about as big around as my pinky finger. Also doesn't say a lot for the safety of locking your bike up in one of the most public places in Denver in broad daylight. The front door of the Central Library opens up onto Broadway at 13th Avenue, not exactly a dark, deserted corner of the city.
I'll just pass along what my good friend and All-Around Swell Guy Nick B. said when I asked him what kind of lock I should buy for my bike a couple years ago: "Nobody's ever cut a chain." (He meant the fat-ass Master Lock chain he had for his bike -- I bought one too. I'd link to it, but it doesn't seem like they make it anymore. It's pretty much just like this one.) It doubles as a sweet necklace, like the one Treach from Naughty By Nature used to wear.

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