Night Ride to Morrison
0 comment Sunday, July 27, 2014 |
Last night Josh, Sara, Justin and myself rode to Morrison to have a drink at the Morrison Inn. We took off from the library at 8pm, made it to Morrison by 11:30 and were back home by 2:30.
Sometimes I forget how amazing night bike riding can be. I think I was introduced to it by Chief and Emily from St. Marks. A few summers ago, it was not uncommon for a group of us to go on a long night ride once or twice a week - normally during the week. We used to head out at 10:00pm and roll back into town around 4am. Riding through downtown Denver at that time is surreal, as it feels like a ghost town - with all the lights left on. I remember feeling like I owned the place.
Anyway, after last night, I think we need to start squeezing as many in as possible before the snow comes. We saw only two other people on the trail, were spotlighted by the cops, and had one of the best down-hills (Morrison Road) in a long time.

With the safety vest, I told Josh he was a couple King Super's bags away from looking homeless. He rigged up a dual tape deck boom box to his bike fueled by 8 D batteries and an Ipod. Tuner on the back, speakers on the front - in essence, Josh was a rolling music man.

On the Platte River Trail by the water treatment plant around 6th Ave.
This is the new Bear Creek Trail portion of the trail. It was under construction part of last summer as well as all of this summer. This was my first time on it, and with all the lights (paid for by the coming strip malls I'm sure) it was quite nice.
If it's too loud, you're too old. Damn the noise ordinances!

Justin and Nick at the Morrison Inn.
Some live music.
Splitting St. Mark's cookies at the bar. Tough to beat.