The Fast and the Furious
0 comment Thursday, July 3, 2014 |
I was riding home tonight about 10:00pm when a couple cars that were racing came to a stop at a red light on the corner of Broadway and 12th Ave. I now had the green light, so I crossed Broadway on my bike. To my surprise, instead of continuing to race down Broadway, both cars turned left behind me (running their red light). Well I figured what ever was to come next may not work out for me, so I took out my camera in preparation. That's when I heard "Get the fuck out of the way" from the car directly behind me.
Fortunately, all they did was roar past and zoom east on 12th Ave. The good news is that I got the bastards right where I want them! I took their photos as they passed me and will be sending them to law enforcement shortly so they can put out an A.P.B.
Vroom 1
Vroom 2
Apparently I need a quicker camera. Damnit!